Magnesium and You

5759220584_706949f7f7_mGetting your bones stronger is a multi-conventional approach.  It’s not just about taking a calcium supplement – magnesium plays a big part too.

One of the hundreds of reports which substantiate the importance of supplementing with magnesium was from the Council for Responsible Nutrition Foundation (CRNF) which showed that women over age 55 taking magnesium supplements at the preventative intake levels of 100 mg., can reduce the risk of having osteoporosis by a wide margin.

  • I believe  we should be taking more than 100 mg. daily because our overall American diets are deficient in this very important mineral anyway.   Most natural health professionals recommend 400 mg or more daily (depending on tolerance) to aid our bodies in so many ways as well as bone strength.
  • For best bone building the best approach would be a combination of 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3, 400 mg. of Magnesium and a Calcium supplement from coral calcium rather than other forms for better absorption.

Now the question is what type of Magnesium form is best?  There are many types.  I personally take and recommend a Triple Magnesium Formula, wherein there is a combination of a few mag sources in one capsule: magnesium citrate, aspartate and oxide.  It allows for very good absorption.

  • Magnesium is probably the most important nutrient for the energy of the human heart; it helps the heart muscle itself function better.  Magnesium also helps protect blood vessels, which is where most of what we call heart disease actually happens.  Magnesium is also a natural blood thinner, much like aspirin, so many doctors and researchers believe that it may help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  • Perhaps the area where magnesium could have the biggest impact is in the prevention of diabetes: Scientists have proven that magnesium levels are low in people with diabetes; people with higher magnesium levels do not develop diabetes; and that supplementing with magnesium appears to help reverse pre-diabetes.

As with all minerals in foods, the mineral has to be present in the soil where the food is grown.  The best food sources of magnesium are beans, especially soy; whole grains, including bran; nuts like almonds and brazil nuts; and seeds, including flaxseed, sesame, and sunflower.  Dry cocoa powder, and thus dark chocolate, is also a great (and incredibly tasty!) source.  One of the reasons many people may crave chocolate is actually the body’s way of needing more magnesium!  Just make sure you don’t eat more than an ounce a day or you will gain weight.

Our moods and brains need magnesium too, so if you feel an imbalance or anxiety, magnesium will assist various regions in the brain that are associated with learning and memory while giving improvements in synaptic function to the nerves of the brain.

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