High-Fat Ketogenic Diet for Cancer Patients




The ketogenic diet is about eating 80% fat, which seems strange when usually,  fruits, vegetables and vegan is recommended.  The ketogenic diet does have science and rationale behind it to tout its benefits.  According to an article in “Amazing Wellness Magazine
– Spring Issue”,  exploring the topic: if you are a cancer patient, are you willing to bet your life on a particular diet?

What makes the ketogenic diet different is a clear, scientific understanding of how it works.  Also, there are numerous studies and patient reports to show its benefits.  Doctors have known for many years that an extremely high-fat diet can benefit children with epilepsy.  The diet shifts the metabolism of the brain cells from glucose to ketones, which are a by-product of fats.

The process of trying to jump from the diet treatment from epilepsy to cancer started about 20 years ago when doctors at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland treated two children who had both epilepsy and cancer.  Their cancers shrunk on the diet.

Since then, a researcher at the Boston College campus in Mass., has emerged as the leading advocate of ketogenic diets.  Its not a cure, nor a fad, but a medical therapy, the researcher says.

The diet consists of unprocessed whole foods that are high in nutrition rather than calories, along with a process of carb timing.  You can use carbohydrates as a guide to move cortisol back to its healthy rhythms he says.

Cancers cannot use ketones as their fuel, unlike sugars that feed cancer cells, so the cancer is starved.  Inflammation also drives the growth of cancers, and ketones are anti-inflammatory.

In a case with a woman in Italy in 2008 who had glioblastoma, a deadly and difficult to treat cancer, she first went on a  several day water only fast.  This is the ideal prelude to the ketogenic diet to prepare the body, lowering glucose.  She then underwent conventional radiation treatment and took vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent any deficiencies.

Two months later, she had lost 20% of her body weight and medical tests could find no traces of her brain tumor.  She stayed on the ketogenic diet for 10 weeks and after stopping the plan, the cancer returned.

According to studies the diet will work against almost any form of cancer, although some people and cancers respond better than others.  The evidence so far is showing that it can help people with non-small cell lung, breast, colon and pancreatic cancers.

Another important way for us to keep our cortisol levels balanced which keeps inflammation at bay, is to get good deep sleep at night, stay away from sugar in the diet and try to manage your stress levels.

Other alternative therapies to cancer include: high-dose intravenous Vitamin C and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  High doses of CoZ10 and curcumin appear to have anti-cancer properties as well.

For more information on the ketogenic diet and cancer you can see the following: dietarytherapies.com; patriciadaly.com and see the site for a naturopathic physician experienced in oncology: oncanp.org.



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