Get a Grip on Over-Snacking

The experts say to identify triggers–Keep a food log for a week, record your moods, think about what stresses you out, and how hungry you feel before eating.

Whoosh!  It may seem time consuming, but if you are really serious about wanting to lose some weight, recording every morsel you have eaten goes a long way to give you those “Aha!” moments.

Once you’ve identified the things that drive you to eat the things you shouldn’t, you can react productively instead of going through a bag of chips.  That simple trick to keep cravings at bay which seems “too-easy-to-be- true-but-is”, would be to drink an 8-10 oz. glass of water, then set the timer and wait 15 minutes before grabbing that mindless treat.  You may be surprised to find you were actually thirsty when that “thirst desire” center of your brain has slowed down.   The craving for that food will undoubtedly have dissipated.

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