How Much Sugar is In That? (and other HealthBytes)

What has more sugar?–  a Small 5 oz. fruit and yogurt parfait or 1 cup of applesauce?  The applesauce has more sugar!  It packs in 36 grams of sugar, compared to only 17 grams in the parfait.  If you enjoy eating applesauce, as I do, then buy the unsweetened kind with only 23 grams.

Eat the egg yolk- To get the full nutritional benefit of eggs, you should eat the yolk.  Egg whites are full of protein, but that’s all it has so the yolk contains vitamins A and D as well as other antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin to help prevent age related macular degeneration.  Don’t worry about cholesterol and egg yolks because you can safely eat 7 eggs a week before it could be a problem.  Keep in mind that is the rule as long as you are not eating a lot of fatty cuts of red meat or full fat cheese each week.

Think Yourself Thin – When you are being tempted by cravings for chips, cookies, cake or ice cream, close your eyes and visualize eating all of the food that is “taunting” you.  Imagine the texture, taste, crunch or smoothness and even the oilyness or dryness of it; every detail.  Chances are you won’t end up eating as much of it as usual.  Carnegie Mellon University researchers found that when people imagined in great detail eating 30 M&M’s or cheese cubes, they were much less likely to binge on the real thing.  They said your brain gets tricked into becoming more satisfied just by the imagining of the food bites as well as the actual action of eating.  It reduces your desire to continue eating.  You can also use this trick before sitting down to a meal to help you slow down and pay attention as to when you are feeling full and not overeat.

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